Friday, November 04, 2011

Thankfulness Day 4:Joy

Visiting a coffee plantation in Hawaii

This morning two ads caught my eye:
INSTANT JOY (choose 10% off my entire purchase, or $10 off my $40 purchase or $30 off my $80 purchase)
JOYLICIOUS (trademarked) (the bliss my heart can experience when I bite in to a poptart--really?)

As the holidays aproach, retailers are already promising us love, joy, and peace, family harmony, beauty and all our wishes come true if we will only shop at thier store.

May we remember things that bring true and lasting joy in our hearts , even when life's circumstances are hard:

The peace of God
Unconditional love
The gift of time with family and friends
The beauty of creation
The fulfillment of helping others
Freedom and opportunity
A child's smile

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Lisa Plumb said...

Oh my goodness, I need this reminder as we head into the most stressful season of the year for me. Thank you SO much. And thank you for the fabulous photo of your kiddos. It made me smile big!

Rebeca said...

Joyalicious! Thanks for this, Alyssa. Always a good reminder!