Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankfulness Day 14: Ryland

I am thankful to have Ryland in our family! At this time last year, we had seen his picture and said that we would be interested in finding out more about him. Now it sometimes feels like he's been here forever because he fits into our family so well.

Ryland has a big personality-- talkative, curious and silly. He knows what he wants and likes to be in charge! He loves to learn and asks a lot of questions. He is very affectionate and likes to wrestle with Dad and Gabriel every chance he gets. He loves to hear stories and make up his own. He loves to run and is interested in all kinds of sports and super heroes. He makes friends everywhere we go. He loves animals, especially dogs. And, as I write this, he wants you all to know that he likes ice cream!

Ryland and I have fun playing games, getting outside and cooking together. I love his smile,and his happy singing and dancing. He has a precious heart and I am blessed to be his mama!


Lisa Plumb said...

I was reading along, loving your post and smiling really big but when I came to the line about being blessed to be his Mama, that's when the tears came. SO thankful he is home with you all and you have him to love!

Rebeca said...

We're so glad he's part of our family!