Friday, November 11, 2011

Thankfulness Day 12: Gabriel

Today I am thankful for my 16 year old son, Gabriel. I am a blessed mama in that he gives me a couple of really great hugs every day, and when he does, I am amazed at how tall and strong he is!

Gabriel is my quiet one. He really enjoys time alone, but when he opens up it's a gift we all enjoy. I am always interested to hear his thoughtful opinion on things. He has a quirky sense of humor and makes us laugh so much. He has the biggest imagination and is always full of all kinds of ideas. He is an example to me of a person who doesn't judge or criticize, but always finds the good in people. He is serious and very disciplined about the projects he works on. He is quick to help around the house without being asked and do his schoolwork without complaining. He is playful and patient with his new little brother. He is a gentleman to me and his sisters.

Gabriel has a wide range on interests and talents--many of which involve computer things that I will never understand, but like to hear his enthusiasm about them. I  like to see his creativity when it comes to writing, art, graphic design and music. It will be interesting to see what opportunities he has with all these things as time goes on. But for now, I am just enjoying these years with him, buying a lot of groceries, and treasuring every hug and smile!

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Lisa Plumb said...

I love how you describe him as quiet but that when he opens up it's a gift. I feel that way about the quieter people in my life too. What a handsome young man he's grown to be!