Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankfulness Day 15: Even When I Don't Feel Thankful

The beauty of looking at things a different way           Photo By Peace

Over the past two weeks I've written about things I'm thankful for, the easy obvious things, and  it's true that I am very blessed. More than just looking for something to add to my my list, I have been trying to change my attitude my having a  grateful  heart in all things. When I find myself unhappy, frustrated, disappointed or overwhelmed, I have been trying to shift my thoughts to a place of thankfulness--not a feeling, but a choice of where to put my focus.

When I feel like I am failing
When I have more to do than I can do in a day
When my child is angry
When messes pile up
When plans fall through
When my family is sick
When things break

I can choose to be thankful

 For the place I'm in, the struggles that will strengthen me,
 For all things working for good
That I have these loved ones
That I have these things
That I have these opportunities

So as I look ahead to this day: cooking, cleaning, teaching, driving kids to things, getting groceries.... an ordinary day, but there are so many things I can thank God for and that is what will make today feel like the amazing gift it is.


Rebeca said...

I love this.... that's when it's hard, but we're the most blessed, when we can actually give thanks in the middle of the hard things. Love you.

Lisa Plumb said...

Thank you! I needed to hear this today! Hope your day was blessed.