Sunday, April 28, 2013

"You'll Be in My Heart"

Jessamyn is  in a dance performance in a local show of Tarzan (the Disney musical with songs by Phil Collins).  Today is the last show and I am looking forward to finally seeing it this afternoon. She's been singing the songs a lot and we watched the movie, which the kids liked when they were little. There's one song that I also heard on the radio a few months ago and I get tears every time I hear it now.

When Tarzan's parents are killed and he's adopted by apes, his ape mother sings him this song. Hearing it reminds me of by boy, who came to us through adoption. He's small but strong and our bond is stronger than our differences. I can't imagine life with out him and I love him so much.

 You'll Be In My Heart Lyrics

Come stop your crying 
It will be all right 
Just take my hand 
Hold it tight 

I will protect you 
From all around you 
I will be here 
Don't you cry 

For one so small, 
You seem so strong 
My arms will hold you 
Keep you safe and warm 
This bond between us 
Can't be broken 
I will be here 
Don't you cry 

'Cause you'll be in my heart 
Yes, you'll be in my heart 
From this day on 
Now and forever more 

You'll be in my heart 
No matter what they say 
You'll be here in my heart, always 

Why can't they understand 
The way we feel? 
They just don't trust 
What they can't explain 
I know we're different but, 
Deep inside us 
We're not that different at all 

[Repeat Chorus] 

Don't listen to them 
'Cause what do they know? 
We need each other 
To have, to hold 
They'll see in time 
I know 

When destiny calls you 
You must be strong 
I may not be with you 
But you've got to hold on 
They'll see in time 
I know 
We'll show them together 

[Repeat Chorus] 

Oh, you'll be in my heart (You'll be here in my heart) 
No matter what they say (I'll be with you) 
You'll be here in my heart, 
I'll be there always 

I'll be with you 
I'll be there for you always 
Always and always 
Just look over your shoulder 
Just look over your shoulder 
Just look over your shoulder 
I'll be there always