Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thankfulness Day 3 : Backyard Tree

This is the view from our dining room window. This maple tree is so pretty through each season: the new tiny leaves of spring, the dark green shade in summer, now beginning to turn red. When it's bare in the winter we can see lights of the two story houses back behind us, which makes me appreciate the privacy we have the rest of the year.

As long as we put food out, this tree is a playground for many bluebirds and squirrels. It's been a good climbing tree and hiding place for certain boys, and a perfect spot for agirl with a book and a glass of iced tea on a sunny day.

We like this tree so much we have another ready to plant in the back and have planted a similar, more golden, one in the front. It's already grown a lot and will soon give us shade.

I'm thankful to live surrounded by trees, to watch them grown and change and for our family to put down our roots in this home.
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Lisa Plumb said...

Love this post -- and your thankfulness! I am also thankful for trees in my "yard" (a different type yard because I live in a condo) and plan to post about them soon.