Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankfulness Day 23: Thanksgiving Past

Two years ago- trip to Mexico and my last picture with my grandparents while my Grandpa was still with us.

Thanksgiving is full of traditions for most people, but in our  family, plans tend to change every year. My parents have often spend Thanksgiving Day working at a community dinner and my siblings usually spend the day with their in-laws. Most years we do have a special dinner together, but on a different day and sometimes it's enchiladas! Several times we have used the long weekend as a little vacation with just our kids--to Portland, or the mountains to play in the snow. Twice we have celebrated in Mexico with my cousins (turkey and tamales!). Last year my brother started the first annual "Crepesgiving"--the day after when you make a huge stack of crepes and stuff them with all your Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Although it's always  a little different, I am thankful for the fun and special memories over the years.

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