Friday, November 09, 2012

Gratitude Day 9-- Adoption!

The first picture we saw of Ryland, when we met him he had lost his front teeth!
The process of adoption was such a big part of our lives for a couple years, both before and after Ryland being with us. There was so much paperwork and so many appointments. I kept looking forward to when we could simply focus on being a family and be done all the "outside" stuff. And I am thankful to say we are finally there.

I don't think a whole lot about Ryland being adopted anymore. I just think of him as my child. I can't imagine life without him and it  feels like he's always been part of our family.  There are many challenges and ways in which parenting him has been so different than with the first kids, but so many of those things are being resolved with time and patience. I don't feel like I'm guessing all the time like I did at first because I know him now. I am so thankful for his brave and loving heart!          

When I was looking for this picture, I found the "bulletin" we received along with it. It was interesting to go back and read with the viewpoint I have now. Here are a few excerpts:         

     Ryland is a handsome young man with beautiful brown eyes. He is very much a boy and loves all
kinds of outdoor activities. Ryland loves to go camping, biking and swimming. He truly enjoys being
outdoors as often as the weather permits. Ryland loves Spiderman and other action figures.
Ryland is an excellent eater. Some of his favorite foods include cheeseburgers and pizza. He is not
a picky eater but could live without meatloaf.

    Ryland enjoys playing with the dogs that live with the foster parents. He is good with them and likes

different animals.

Ryland loves to show affection regularly and is constantly looking for reassurance. He is very sincere
when he expresses his thoughts and feelings.

Ryland is very excitable. He loves to just be
silly sometimes.    (they got that right!)

Ryland would do well with a family who has some older children that could be role models for him.

Ryland is excited to find stability in his life and have a home and family to call his own.

So thankful we were given this amazing gift!!! 


Penelope W said...

Adoption is such a blessing!!! It doesn't matter if your child comes via c-section or adoption -- they're still your child! Congratulations!

Sharla said...

Adoption is the most incredible blessing! Congratulations and all the best to your family!