Monday, November 05, 2012

Gratitude Day 5-- Speech Therapy

Just a quick post tonight to say that I'm very thankful for Ryland's speech therapists. This was a world I knew nothing about and it has been fascinating to see how they evaluate and teach him.  I really like how they design a unique plan just for his needs and include us in it. Both last year's teacher and his new one this year have been so patient with him and found ways to make it fun for him, while still pushing him to work hard.

I went in for a meeting today as they are writing up his IEP (Individual Educational Plan) for the next year. The first thing the teacher asked Ryland and I was, "What are his strengths?" How encouraging to start by recognizing the things he's gifted  at and build his confidence.

Both as teachers and also moms to adopted or special needs children, both of these ladies have been so supportive of us as we give Ryland the time he needs to trust us, to sit still with us and listen to a book, and to be able to respond well to a gentle correction.

Ryland's speech has come a long way, as has his attention span and his interest in reading. Every week, we take his papers from speech and make game out of practicing the sounds and words. It's been great to be a part helping him grow and I'm really thankful for the expertise and kindness of his teachers-- part of our "village it takes to raise a child"!  

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Lisa Plumb said...

Thanks for this glimpse of Ryland's world! Our boys go to speech too but it's at school so we're not part of it as much. Glad you get to participate and that you have wonderful therapists!

I'm enjoying your gratitude posts!