Friday, November 02, 2012

Gratitude Day 2-- Big Kids

I was telling someone the other day how much I love having teenagers. I remember being in line at the store and mentioning I was buying things for my oldest's 13th birthday party and how everyone around had something discouraging and negative to say about teenagers. Like all you can expect from them is arguing and laziness. Not saying there are no challenges, but I actually think with each of the older ones that ages 10-12 were the hardest.

 I really like the independent people they are becoming as they get older. I like that they can drive. I like when they fill the house with their friends. I like to see their unique personalities and opinions and dreams. I like how they know about all kinds of things I don't have any idea about. I like how every night is a dish washing dance party in the kitchen.

I'm really thankful and proud of how the big kids have been with Ryland. We knew we were asking them to make a huge adjustment in their lives and they have shown so much patience with him. I was saying to one of them the other day that I knew they had had to make some sacrifices and their response was, " I love Ryland so much. I could never imagine a better little brother!"

I commented to Scott the other day that we currently have kids in the stages of adult, young adult, teenager and kid-- no wonder I feel like my attention is pulled in so many directions! But right now, I am trying to make the most of each moment when they are all living here and filling the house with energy and noise and laughter and love.

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Rebeca said...

10-12 are the hardest? Nooooooo! Just kidding. :> You are such a wonderful mom that it's no wonder you're kids are so great. I love them all and think they're such great people. I love you too, and appreciate how you are always so very encouraging to me in my parenting journey.