Sunday, January 01, 2012

A New Year

Our traditional drink of "Whipped Syllabub" on New Year's Eve

The month of  December was full of  family time, games, cooking, crafting, wrapping, keeping secrets, lighting candles, and celebrating. As we turn the calender to a new month and year, I look forward to more simplicity and renewed dedication to the things that are  important, though not as exciting as the holiday season!

This was Ryland's first Christmas with us and we tried to prepare him for each thing that we would be doing. I tried to plan for calm time between his wild happiness and his anxiousness. By Christmas Day he really did settle in and enjoy the day. We kept trying to put ourselves in his place, with everything new--that's a lot to take in.

The girl's had beautiful dance performances in Narnia again. My brother and his wife and baby were here for several days. We had days of crafts and cookies making and tamale making with family. 

One of my favorite moments was on Christmas Eve. We went to church (Scott was playing drums in the band) and the final carol was "Go tell it on the Mountain" which Ryland had learned in his class. He turned and asked to sit on my lap and I was bouncing him while he sang at the top of his lungs and snapped his fingers. All my kids were right around me, happy, together, safe and peaceful.  Jessamyn started clapping and pretty soon the whole crowd was clapping. It was such a moment of  joy in my heart. We walked out into the cold clear night and headed home to light the fire and feast on tamales and dream of "the coziest morning of the year". 

It's been a big year. Adding to our family. Having our oldest overseas. Travelling. Adjusting. I think my word for the year last year was growth and, yes, there was some growing! 

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Rebeca said...

It's really been a great season... so happy to share it with you!