Saturday, January 01, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

The year begins, full of newness and promise. Within a week, a day, a few hours maybe the shininess will wear off. I love new beginnings, I always have...but I know who I am and that I will never live up to all the intentions I have. Over the years I  have found a lot more grace, I'm a lot more comfortable with myself and my life not being perfect. It goes by fast and I am finding more joy a long the way.

My word for the year is Growth. I want to grow in many ways, to continue to learn and change. Growth in  nature occurs in many ways-- flowers and berries burst suddenly with the seasons, a tree trunk grows slowly over the years, bulbs wait quietly underground--everything has it's time and rhythm, and usually won't survive being forced. The process is beautiful, not just the end result. Drenching rain and warming  sun are both essential. My prayer, for myself and my family, is that this year  that we will grow in grace and find beauty in some way every day this year.


Rebeca said...

Sounds like a good word... love you!

David said...

I love to read your writing! Good thoughts for the good year to come. Love, Mom

Autumn Terrill said...

I really enjoyed your post. I feel my heart is really echoing those same thoughts as we begin this new year. To enjoy the journey, enjoy slow, healthy growth and also the bursting forth times too.